Thursday, April 25, 2013

Breaking Bread

Some of you know that Jill and I open our home every Thursday night. Through this painfully long winter season, the weekly coming together to share soup, break bread together, and connect with whoever shows up has been an incredible experience. It sounds simple and we have tried to keep it at that, but before we meet tonight, I wanted to address a few things for those wondering about it.

What unspoken pretenses do we have with our Thursdays? I want to spell out that there are none. It's not an attempt to replace someone's Sunday church-going experience (for those who attend), just as it is not a covert operation that welcomes all to let their guard down only to be brought into a surprise Bible study. This is no bait and switch going on. 

We feel that this is just one intentional opportunity (to go along with the many unintentional ones) during our week for us to share our lives with others. Communio is a Latin word that looks a lot like community or communion in English and it means "coming together".  While I feel that this is something that Jesus spoke often about, I also honor the fact that others who come might be hungry for Jill's delicious food, eager for a chance to be heard, and looking for an unscripted occasion to be themselves around others who wish the same.

While the menu might eventually migrate towards a more Summer-friendly dish, we hope to continue to 'come together' throughout the year. As always, you are welcome. Just as you are encouraged to speak with Jill or I anytime about any questions that you might have - be it what can you bring or where we stand on a particular topic.  Thanks for the opportunity to share and for those who show up or have visited our place in the past, thank YOU for your part...we are always equally encouraged and challenged by you as well.


  1. I have attended "soup night" with my husband and on my own. It truly is the highlight of my week when I can make it. One just walks in the door and takes a deep/relaxing breath and the rest of the night is nothing less than enjoyable. As stated in this post, there is no secret intention! Just love, friendship, great company and amazing food! If you can handle dishing up your own soup, finding your own seat and talking or...not (no reason you can't just sit and enjoy the ongoing conversations). It is beyond lovely!

  2. Ahhhh the love. I love it.